Export Inspection Summary 8/22/16

Export Inspections Summary


Grain Week ending 08/18/2016 Week ending 08/11/2016 Week ending 08/20/2015 Current Marketing yr. to date Previous Marketing yr. to date
Corn 1,249,309 1,172,762 883,987 44,121,975 43,720,334
Oats 300 0 0 2,799 200
Sorghum 50,884 121,240 165,474 8,543,204 8,741,816
Soybeans 961,414 774,820 210,324 49,398,364 49,608,012
Wheat 530,824 637,437 331,988 5,970,828 4,486,124


Export inspections ending 08/18/2016 show a continued lag in export business compared to last year for sorghum and beans.  Wheat, corn and oat exports are ahead for the marketing year comparatively.  Note that the Wheat and Oats have begun there new crop marketing period.

By Kevin Picknick (Registered Broker with AA Trading, Inc)

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